Monday, July 28, 2008

Long time, No see...


It seems that time flies when you're having fun, but it also seems that sometimes it flies when you are just doing what you do. We have been busy for the last month and I apologize in advance for the lack of info during that time. So, what's new?

First and foremost, projects.
Stella Mora. All tracks are cut editing has begun and mixes to follow. Very excited as this project just keeps sounding better and better. Way excited.

Echo Bravo. Did some rough mixes with Shae and happy how these turned out. The guys are stopping by on Wednesday to do some tweaking and hopefully walk out with smiles on their faces. Nice stuff for them to share with the masses. Stoked.

Jason and the Beast. EP done. Really nice touches put on by Shae on the drums and percussion really helped breathe some life into the wickedness of the Beast's bumping beats. Hoping to catch up with Jason next week to begin work on the rest of his tunes for his upcoming full-length effort. Awesome.

Syna So Pro
. I got to hang out and engineer the drums for Elshua (producer) on this project. Shae rocked the skins and we got some bitchin' tones. Really great songs. Excited to hear how this turns out.

So what else? I decided to entertain the notion I got a month or so ago to start looking for a new space to move my residence and studio to and really make it what I really see in my mind. I found a building and I am working on negotiations currently and hope to know if this is the "one" by the end of this week. Will keep you posted on this as it develops. It could prove to be wicked awesome. This process also includes getting the old place ready to put on the market which is quite a bit of work and has totally monopolized my time. Not a bad thing, but a busy thing as well as quite an inconvenience. I cannot say I was hoping that I would find a place I was so interested in this quickly, I was more hoping to see what was out there and get my "ducks in a row", so to speak. However, the energy and vibe that surrounds this building I am currently trying to acquire, is so strong that I have to see it through. So thanks to Shae and Elshua for staying flexible and amenable during this crazy time.

So as the sun may be setting on this chapter of the Yellow Hat story, another is already being scripted. I am totally excited (not to mention nervous) to be embarking on the next part of my journey. More soon!