Thursday, October 29, 2009

As promised, PICS!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where to start?

So I have been very absent on the blog in the last six months, and so much has happened. So it begs the question, where do I start, or to quote Shirley, "Where do I begin?"

I guess I will start with the studio. It is moving along, not as well as I had hoped, but I kinda think that is how these things always go. You shoot for a ambitious goal, and then if you get close to that, you are happy. Inevitably, things go wrong, your timeline extends, and your budget goes haywire and that puts you behind. So, the one year anniversary of our purchase has come and gone (in September), and we are still alive and even renting out the apartments.

As for the actual studio space on the ground floor, we have made big strides, but so much left to do. It is hard to really put something of this scope into perspective at the beginning, or even during, but I feel like most of the daunting, overwhelming parts are almost behind us (I'm sure I am gonna pay for saying that...). The front of the building was ripped off on the 12th of September and construction of the new facade begin shortly thereafter. BTW, I was out of town when this happened, fun! A little over a month later we had a lot of the framing done and it was starting to look like a building again. As a matter of fact, yesterday afternoon, the windows arrived and started to get installed. Oh yeah, me? Out of town again. I guess the short version is, we are getting there. Still lots to do, but the "ball is rolling".

Next item is in regards to my dear friend, partner in recording and creating, drinking buddy Shae. He is currently getting his ducks in a row and is planning on moving to sunny San Diego. It goes without saying that he will be missed more than I can say. I know our paths will continue to cross indefinitely, and I am sure we will continue to record together. His musical presence will certainly be missed in St. Louis.

Recordings that were finished up in the last few months or so include the full length effort from Jason and the Beast as well as the full length debut from the Jovian Chorus. The latter is available at As for the Beast, he plans on releasing the record in the next few months possibly paired with a graphic novel. Keep your eyes peeled! Also released recently was an EP by Sleepy Kitty. Production of one song was done with Shae and I over the last part of the summer. Give it a listen for sure! Jon Hardy & the Public came by to do some mixing on some recordings done with Jason McEntire at Sawhorse Studios in early October. Look for those in the coming months. Lots of other things on the horizon that I can't wait to share, so check back sometime soon for more details.

Pics of building and more updates coming soon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

HOTK! and the Stellas!

Just a quick note, if you haven't heard, Heroes of the Kingdom have released their record: "HOTK", online. You should rush right out to the website and give it a listen, and perhaps, BUY IT! We painstakingly crafted these 11 rock gems for your pleasure, so do yourself a favor and get you some! I am sure they would appreciate it, and so will your ears.

In other news, the Stella Mora recording is done and in the can, and hopefully will be on its way to your ears for a listening very soon. They also have been recording some demo work also available for listening on their myspace as well as some wicked ass new photos.

Very proud of both bands and records and look forward to working with them again in the future. Please show 'em some love!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Busy, busy!

I am in between rehearsals at the moment, so figured I would update a bit. The Jovian Chorus is mixed and just needs a couple of touch ups, and lemme tell you, it sounds pretty damn fine! Might see a lil sneak peak if the keymaster says its ok, later this week.

Jason and the Beast finds their full length closer to completion as well. A little TLC and a bit of odds and ends and it will be done as well. Sounds great now, can't wait to trim a little fat and throw some style on it!

Lastly, Paige and Evan from Sleepy Kitty are coming over next week to do some tracking and mixing and we couldn't be more stoked. Check out their myspace, good stuff!


Monday, May 4, 2009


So, if you haven't heard or read, we have pulled up stakes and moved. The old studio is no more and the new studio is in the works. We have found ourselves a nice little spot on Cherokee Street, just east of Jefferson and are currently residing there while we finalize plans with our architect to build our studio. It is a spacious three story behemoth, with tons of character and so far headaches and setbacks, but we shall overcome. In the meantime, we are functioning in one of the apartment spaces and working feverishly to finish upcoming releases from The Jovian Chorus and Jason and the Beast. With the exception of the drums, which were cut at my friend Jason's place called Sawhorse, all of the new Jovian stuff was cut here and sounds mighty fine. Hope to have a couple of sneak peaks up in the next week.

Check back as now that work is about to begin, we will be posting pics and a rehab/construction journal more regularly. Sorry for the lag of entries while we have been on hiatus, and hope to keep up a little better on posting news. Thanks and rock on!