Monday, May 4, 2009


So, if you haven't heard or read, we have pulled up stakes and moved. The old studio is no more and the new studio is in the works. We have found ourselves a nice little spot on Cherokee Street, just east of Jefferson and are currently residing there while we finalize plans with our architect to build our studio. It is a spacious three story behemoth, with tons of character and so far headaches and setbacks, but we shall overcome. In the meantime, we are functioning in one of the apartment spaces and working feverishly to finish upcoming releases from The Jovian Chorus and Jason and the Beast. With the exception of the drums, which were cut at my friend Jason's place called Sawhorse, all of the new Jovian stuff was cut here and sounds mighty fine. Hope to have a couple of sneak peaks up in the next week.

Check back as now that work is about to begin, we will be posting pics and a rehab/construction journal more regularly. Sorry for the lag of entries while we have been on hiatus, and hope to keep up a little better on posting news. Thanks and rock on!

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