Sunday, May 18, 2008

Amps of fury!

Greg, Laura and Syrhea from Stella Mora were over today as we started phase 3 (I suppose...?) of their upcoming release. Greg brought a bitchin' new Marshall JVM combo which completely rocked our worlds. We plowed through the better part of five tunes until someone forgot to pay the tube amp gods, and they decided it was time we better recognize. During a blistering take of Squaline, this fantastic new amp decided it was time to take one monstrous defecation all over our session and ceased producing sound. I guess we could always use it as a space heater? Fortunately we did get 4 songs all rocked out with Greg's guitars and plan on getting to work tomorrow with Laura and hopefully in the meantime someone will find some change in one of our couch cushions and restore the balance of rock. Also, Saturday saw Syrhea putting the wraps on the bass overdubs in bombastic fashion. All in all, I am very pleased with the progress made. Check out some photos of Greg rocking before the amp threw up. TTFN!

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