Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amps of Fury 2: The Deafening Continues!

After the technical difficulty we saw with Greg's amp (and the still ongoing road to repair and re-entry, more on this in a sec.), Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday saw Stella Mora guitarist Laura Sisul succesfully knock out all of her axe duties. With her parts out of the way, it begged the question: What now? Well, I am still holding out hope that Greg can prevail over the corporate overlords at an unnamed national music purveyor, and actually get results in a somewhat timely fashion and we can return to the punishing of eardrums with his bitchin' Marshall JVM combo. Knowing how these things usually go, and in the interest of time, I have decided that the most logical next step would be to press forward into the dark reaches of VOCALS! Yup, vocals (no Dave, I haven't forgotten about you!). With most of the guitars finished up and bass and drums all wrapped, I believe it is time to smatter on some swirly, hallucinogenic harmonies of the vocal variety. It is starting to sound really nice with all the layers of echoey, fuzzified, verbed-out, tube-saturated goodness now in place, and I am very pleased with all our progress and the expediency of it all. I might even have a snippet of a rough mix of something hiding in the blog early next week, so keep those eyes peeled!

In other news, tomorrow brings the start of another project for us. Jason from Jason and the Beast is due to stop by and discuss his upcoming project. We are slated to add some vocals and do some mixing on a 5 song EP. This might be a preview of some of what may become his future full length debut later this year. Really looking forward to working with Jason on this!

Also in the works is a weekend session with Echo Bravo in early June. Should be a prove to be kickass weekend.

Lastly, I just got in my hot little hands this morning, a mastered copy of the new Heroes of the Kingdom record from my good friend Jack Petracek and let me tell you it is S-M-O-K-I-N! Kudos to Jackie for keeping the hot side hot, and the cool side cool! Hopefully the boys in HOTK will approve and it could be burning a hole in your cd player and melting your eardrums before you know it!

Here is a sneak peek to tide you over!

"This Mess" - Heroes of the Kingdom

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