Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Update

Just waking up in my Manhattan hotel room, I realized that I didn't catch up with my weeks progress. I don't know whether it was all the fresh air from our walk through Central Park, or my belly full of wine and pizza from Fiorello's (or some combination of the two!), but I totaly crashed out last night neglecting my poor little recording blog. So let me sum up what has happened this past week:

Stella Mora
  • The triumphant return of Greg's amp=kickass guitar tone and all of his parts (for now) done
  • Laura's guitar parts conquered
  • Bass overdubs over
  • Vocals underway
  • Shae Moseley+Drums+SSL console+Jason McEntire=wicked baddassness
Jason and the Beast:
  • Tracks loaded
  • Ideas abounds
  • Time scheduled
Heroes of the Kingdom:
  • Recording? Check.
  • Mastering? Check.
  • Kickass tunes? Check.
  • Baddass record? Check. (I like the double D!)
  • Happy band? Check.
Also on the horizon is Echo Bravo. These dudes are headed over this coming weekend to unleash some serious rock on us. Should prove to be filled with awesomeness.
We also completed some new baffles (gobos, bass traps, etc.) at the studio and continue to tune the rooms. We recently added a new headphone monitoring system which should help the artist to hear what they want a little bit easier.

Not to forget, the Jovian Chorus is having it's first ever show at the Bluebird in St. Louis this week on Thursday, June 5th. Please come out and show your love.

Gotta run, can't be late for work!

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