Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Head games, that's all I get from you, Head games, and I can't take it anymore...

Ahhh, Foreigner. Where are you now?

Last night found me working with Syrhea from Stella Mora and Syna So Pro. We began her journey in the vocal realm on the Stella's forthcoming release. All in all, we had a fairly productive night. It is always a challenge working with someone on vocals, but one I am always excited about undertaking. One always has to figure out the nuances of the vocalists psyche and learn to communicate in the same "speak". I am pleased that I feel Syrhea and I got that out of the way last night as well as knocking out two of the songs cold and kicking one in the teeth rather good. Today will find me working with the other singer from SM, Laura, forging ahead with her parts. Should prove to be a good day and find us further down the path to completion. I cannot say enough how happy I am with how awesome this recording sounds.

Yesterday I also took a peek at some of the Echo Bravo rough mixes that Shae had whipped up and have to say he is kicking out the jams. Look forward to hear those barn burning guitar jams as they progress.


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