Friday, June 13, 2008

So much music...

A day that has a soundtrack which spans from Hip-Hop, to Traditional Folk, and finally ends with a proper face-melting helping of straight-forward Rock, in my humble opinion, can never be a bad day. Yesterday was that day.

My morning saw the first foray of the Jason and the Beast sessions at YH Studios. Jason has asked us to assemble his tracks and help him add vocals to five tunes which will make-up his debut EP. His "hip-hop sonnets" are different and refreshing to my eardrums and are proving to be fun to work on. We completed the better part of three songs, with some backup vocals from Emily splashed onto two of the three, which set us in a good spot for the day. We are looking to get together next week to complete the tracking portion of the vocals. We are also chatting about collaborating with him on his imminent full-length release.

After my session with Jason, I joined up with my wife to check out Robin and Linda Williams and their Fine Group at the Focal Point in Maplewood. These veterans of A Prairie Home Companion sang some beautiful folk and gospel tunes that would soothe any man's soul. You should definitely check these guys out!

Leaving the show at the intermission, we headed to see the Raconteurs sold-out show at the Pageant. Brendan Benson, Jack White and company rocked my ass off. Performing almost all of the songs from their latest release, they slashed open my face and let the rock flow in. If you havent heard this record, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Today finds me neck-deep in rock guitar recording with the boys from Echo Bravo. Adding some fat riffage to their three song and discussing vocals and such is on the menu today. Shae is at the controls and I am simply an observer today. I get to sit on my laptop and drink coffee. Such a hard life!

Also, we have also moved a bit on the Stella Mora record finishing up vocals on a couple more of the tunes. Syrhea laid down a symphony of backing vocals on Lucid Dream swirling that song into completion. Just a few more tunes to finish up vocally and we will be doing some seriously spaced out keyboards/theremin/noise with Dave. That is gonna be totally rad! I can't wait.

Lastly, check some of the new photos of what's happening with us at our joint!

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