Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is a test...

This is the first of many blogs to come for the Yellow Hat Studios boys and girls. This blogspot will become the pseudo recording journal/diary/blogumentary, etc. for what we are doing at our place. Right now, we are currently doing some renovating and remodeling and hoping to share it with the world very soon! Some cats who have been/are/will be hanging around are Heroes of the Kingdom, Stella Mora, the Jovian Chorus, EL EVANS, Jason and the Beast, Echo Bravo and Jason House. Stop by our myspace and drop us a line or shoot us an email here.

In other news, I just finished a yummy skim latte, in what is I am sure soon to become my new favorite hangout, Stone Spiral Coffee, Books and Curios (myspace page to come soon!), which is located at 2500 Sutton Ave. (one block north of Manchester), in Maplewood, MO. You should get yourself down there and taste for yourself!

At any rate, I am out of coffee, and I think they are gonna make me leave, so until next time...


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